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Why am I seeing fewer hummingbirds in my yard…. the most received question I've been asked this season.  It's a complicated question and not one that has a simple answer. First, one needs to consider the species of hummingbird. Since each has unique and specific needs and habitats.  For instance those species affected by [...]

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What’s the best hummingbird feeder??

“What’s the best feeder for hummingbirds?”  It’s a question I’m asked all the time.  My usual answer is…’the one you can keep the cleanest’.  But that’s not what folks truly want to know!  Although it is the *most* important feature of any feeder. After feeding [...]

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A great start to winter hummingbird banding….

We have had a fantastic start to winter hummingbird banding this 21-22 season.  It started in August with reports of an adult male rufous hummingbird at the home of Mary Lodge.  We ventured over to band him on a hot humid day in August and [...]

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