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Bird Banter…a wonderful Podcast out of Washington State and this month features Hummingbirds!

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Pullen and recording an episode for his podcast "Bird Banter".  We chatted about hummingbirds.  Here's a link to the podcast... I invite you to listen and share with any hummingbird fancier you know!

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A phone call in almost a year ago began a series of events that culiminated in a wonderful story on NPR's!  Here's the link to the story. I hope you take a few minutes to listen and pass it on to anyone who might be [...]

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Busy week for winter birds in the southeast

It was a busy Thanksgiving week for SEAR.  We had multiple reports of winter hummingbirds that culminated in the banding of a juvenile male Allen's Hummingbird in Rutherford County, the second Allen's in Tennessee this November and the 10th banding record overall.  Followed quickly by the [...]

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Winter Hummingbird season off to a GREAT start

The 2020 Winter Hummingbird season is off to a terrific start in both Tennessee and Mississippi with multiple sightings and banding sessions. From the return male Rufous in Williamson County to a very late Ruby-throated hummingbird in Davidson County just yesterday I've been busy 'running the [...]

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2020 Ruby-throated Hummingbird banding season Wrap-up…

It’s hard to believe that we’re in mid-October already.  Ruby-throated hummingbird migration banding season ended for the most part on September 29th with the banding of 5 very FAT birds including the fattest I’ve ever banded…a hatch-year female that weighed 6.20 grams!  As of today, I [...]

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