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2023-2024 Winter Hummingbird Report

The 2023-24 Winter Hummingbird season will conclud on March 15th.  So far it has been a slower than normal season for winter hummingbirds in our permitted areas.  We had a total of 9 sightings and were able to get 6 of those individuals banded.  At this [...]

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Are jelly feeders safe if you feed hummingbirds?

As humans, we naturally want to provide for what we love including wild birds that visit our yards and bring us pleasure. Hummingbirds top that list.  By now we hope you know the most important aspect of feeding wild creatures is to do it correctly as [...]

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Winter 2022-23 Hummingbird season recap….

Winter hummingbird season got off to an early start but in the end was slower than the last couple of previous years.  The severe cold snap just prior to Christmas also presented challenges for both host and hummingbird.  However all and all it was a good [...]

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2022 Ruby-throated hummingbird season recap….

 The 2022 Ruby-throat migration season is coming to a close.  The last of the hummingbirds are trickling through and will continue to do so for a few more weeks however our banding season has come to a close.  It was a successful season because of our [...]

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Why am I seeing fewer hummingbirds in my yard…. the most received question I've been asked this season.  It's a complicated question and not one that has a simple answer. First, one needs to consider the species of hummingbird. Since each has unique and specific needs and habitats.  For instance those species affected by [...]

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