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Help us help hummingbirds by spreading the words…”NO RED NECTAR”

Our new t-shirt design was a huge success last year and we've had a few requests for shirts since the campaign ended in 2020. So we decided to hold a 2 week only event this spring once again offering shirts, both unisex and woman's, to serve [...]

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So you’ve found a baby bird on the ground….

Spring has sprung and soon those eggs you've noticed in your birdhouses, bushes or trees will begin to hatch.  And notoriously it's also the time baby birds are found on the ground and my phone starts ringing with frantic calls of 'what to do'... Here's a [...]

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Ruby-throats are returning from their wintering grounds! A few things to remember while you wait for yours to show up…

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are making their spring by day more and more are being seen and reported.  It's an exciting time for everyone!  We wait all winter for their return and like sand through an hour they come, slow but sure. In preparation for [...]

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The 2020-2021 Winter Hummingbird research season comes to an end…

Hummingbird spring migration is official underway, the first of the Ruby-throats are arriving on the coast and winter hummingbirds still present are getting ‘fat’ in preparation for their journey ‘home’.  With all this and the change of seasons, our winter hummingbird research for the 2020-2021 season [...]

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Bird Banter…a wonderful Podcast out of Washington State and this month features Hummingbirds!

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Pullen and recording an episode for his podcast "Bird Banter".  We chatted about hummingbirds.  Here's a link to the podcast... I invite you to listen and share with any hummingbird fancier you know!

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A phone call in almost a year ago began a series of events that culiminated in a wonderful story on NPR's!  Here's the link to the story. I hope you take a few minutes to listen and pass it on to anyone who might be [...]

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