It was a busy Thanksgiving week for SEAR.  We had multiple reports of winter hummingbirds that culminated in the banding of a juvenile male Allen’s Hummingbird in Rutherford County, the second Allen’s in Tennessee this November and the 10th banding record overall.  Followed quickly by the banding of a juvenile male Rufous Hummingbird in Ecru, Mississippi.

The weekend ended with a most exciting report and pictures of a juvenile male Anna’s Hummingbird in Bledsoe County.  Unfortunately this hummingbird only stopped at the feeder for a couple hours and by the time we got there the bird hadn’t been seen for a few hours.  The last time there was an Anna’s Hummingbird in Tennessee was January 6, 1995 and that bird was banded by the late Bob Sargent.  You win some and you lose some…but it’s all about taking the chance when the opportunity presents itself.

Keep watching those feeders as you never know what might show up!!