Late last week a series of serendipitous events occurred that ended in the capture and banding of a Mexican Violetear by yours truly.  Formally known as the Green Violetear, this medium-sized hummingbird, whose home territory is Mexico to Nicaragua somehow made it’s way to Montgomery County, Tennessee, was noticed by the homeowner and ultimately SEAR was contacted.

It was the 2nd verifiable sighting in Tennessee.  The other occurring in Memphis in September of 2007. It is the 6th banding record for this species in the United States according to the Bird Banding Laboratory.

It’s appearance has created quite the stir in the birding community.  Typically these tropical hummingbird don’t stick around too long and true to fashion this ‘one-day wonder’, as they’re known in birding and banding circles,  departed later that same morning.

So keep watching those feeders…migration has begun and you never know what might show up!!  And naturally, if you see something ‘different’ please give me let me know.