Winter hummingbird season got off to an early start but in the end was slower than the last couple of previous years.  The severe cold snap just prior to Christmas also presented challenges for both host and hummingbird.  However all and all it was a good season and as always we THANK you for leaving out feeders, calling us when you saw or heard about a winter hummingbird, continued to spread the word about winter hummingbirds and lastly but NOT least took care of your special visitor with care and love.
Banded –
2/25/22 – Memphis, Tn. Shelby County – SY male RUHU
8/24/22 – Buchanan, TN Henry County – AHY male ALHU
11/13/22 Chapmansboro,TN Cheatham County –  AHY female RUHU
11/22/22 Nashville, TN. Davidson County – AHY female RUHU
12/11/22 Fairview, TN Williamson County – HY female RUHU
12/11/22 Nashville, TN Davidson County – HY female RTHU
Return banded birds – 
9/27/22 Paris, Tn Henry County AHY male RUHU (2nd winter)
9/29/22 Nashville, TN Davidson County Female RUHU (3rd winter)
11/3/22 – Madisonville, TN Monroe County AHY female RUHU (2nd winter)
11/4/22 – Carthage, TN Smith County – AHY female RUHU (2nd winter)
Reported but NOT banded – (various reasons…from 1 day ‘wonders’ to host not wanting them banded to access)
9/18/22 Nashville, Tn Davison County – host Melissa James RUHU – Picture ID
9/23/22 Ethridge, TN Lawrence County – host Jim Lawrence RUHU – Picture ID
10/6/22 Dekalb County – host Tommy and Virginia Curtis – RUHU – Picture ID
1/5/23 Colliersville, TN – Shelby –  picture at feeder.
Our season ‘officially’ ends on 15 March so keep watching and please let us know if you see a hummingbird at your feeders between now and then.
*All hummingbirds that were captured and banded were done so with all the proper State and Federal permits.
Thank you!!
Cyndi Routledge